Eric D'Hulst

cina. (2018)

39,4x39,4 in ~ Peinture, Acrylique


Eric D'Hulst

Born in 1961 is a contemporary artist.

He paints enigmatic works, a colorful atmosphere of warm, luminous tones through troubling lines.
Face recurrence
. These Inks recall the Chinese tradition
His paintings may be thought of as "portraits of the soul".

What Eric tries to make us live by the sight of his paintings

, It draws without doubt its inspiration in its own experience "On the canvas, these compositions seem to move like the flame as a huge emotional disorder"
For Eric D'Hulst, art unites people, but is also a link that nobody can get rid of
Art as the only revolution
As the last utopia

Beijing China Exhibition 2012
Buenos Aires 2012

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