Eric D'Hulst

nothing-nothing. nothing (2018)

27,6x39,4 in ~ Peinture, Acrylique


Eric D'Hulst
Born in 1961is a contemporary artist. live in Sallanches France

He paints enigmatic works, a colored atmosphere. Hot and bright colors that cross troubling lines
Frequency of faces
. These inks remind the Chinese tradition
May have thought his paintings as "portrait of the soul."

Eric that tries to make us live in the sight of his paintings

He probably draws inspiration from his own experience "On the Web, these compositions seem to move it as the flame like a huge emotional distress"
For Eric D'Hulst, art unites individuals but is also a link that nobody can get rid
The art as a single revolution
As a final utopia
Collection France Chine Inde Argentine
Exposition France Galerie Beijing Chine
Consulting designer Chine Beijing Wu Bo Company

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